New People

Two people very close to me, after reading about my people overload, said that I needed a vacation. They’re right. I’m just having a hard time figuring how to take a vacation (meaning: what do I want to do during a vacation?)

Other than that, I kind of decided that I had “enough people”, but since I’ve decided that, I met nothing but lovely people here in Frankfurt. Maybe what I need is just people outside the 2.0 world.

I still want contact tagging in my social networks. One tag I’d use a lot would be “nice new people” — for people who seem really nice but that I’ve just met.

2 thoughts on “New People

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  2. It’s good to see you taking a breath. I had the same suspicion (you needing a break) but I wasn’t sure since I’m not that close to you.

    Lookign at your more recent “dailies” it seems like it’s working well. Good 🙂

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