No title, but can I set the slug? That would be a start. Trying to keep it simple. I’m not that sure anymore about rolling up all the asides into one post anymore. But I’m a bit concerned about people who have signed up by e-mail — they might get swamped! I’m worried about messing up my blog.

The big issue is finding a theme that I like and that works well with titleless asides. There are so many themes now… Gosh. Choice overload.


I’m wondering what a snippet looks like. My last aside without a title worked ok, but it gets an ugly number as slug (something elegant like aside-20170312-2 would be neat). And I suspect I’d need a plugin for the “rolling things into a post”.

I could also (gasp) do things manually. Create a post, write my snippets in it, edit it and add as the day goes along… I’d be left with the question of permalinks and a kludgy user experience (a bookmarklet would be wonderful; maybe I’ll go hunt for a plugin that provides an easy way to “add content at the bottom of a blog post”).


What I’d like is a way to post Facebook-status-like posts (the long ones: a paragraph or three) and have those get rolled up into a daily (weekly?) post with their brothers and sisters. No title (we’ll see how this aside deals with not having one). No tags, no categories, no nothing. Comments? Not sure yet how I’d like to deal with that.



It’s been a while, right? Messing with asides. I mean, trying. I realised that I don’t post as much as I used to on CTTS because I feel I have to write an article each time. So it ends up on Facebook. Which is sad, because stuff goes into Facebook to die a few days later.

Light Blogging is Now on Digital Crumble (Tumblr)

You know, I haven’t been posting much here. My main blogging is still at Climb to the Stars, but the light stuff has migrated to both my Twitter account and Digital Crumble, my tumblelog on Tumblr.

A tumblelog is a blog, but it’s very basic. I use it to copy interesting stuff I find online and on other Tumblr tumblelogs, and publish the kind of stuff I used to publish here on the Cheese Sandwich Weblog.

So, see you on Digital Crumble from now on!