Mon super article qui avait perdu son titre

Ici j’écris un super article où je parle de mes chats ou d’un autre truc qui m’intéresse.

Un lien vers le vrai blog de Stephanie.

Une photo de chat.

Tounsi de profil

C’était vraiment bête de parler de mes chats, alors j’efface. J’ai aussi remis le titre.

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Video embed demonstration

Voici un sketch que Bernard Boëton nous recommande!

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Test de photo très très jolie

Texte au-dessus de la photo.

C'est le logo du nouveau jouet pour geeks Google Wave.
C’est le logo du nouveau jouet pour geeks Google Wave.

On peut écrire sous la photo, de longs paragraphes ou bien juste quelques mots.

La liste:

  1. élément un
  2. élément deux
  3. élément trois

Voilà, c’était une super liste!

Je vais faire un lien vers le site Fleur de Pains comme exemple.

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Light Blogging is Now on Digital Crumble (Tumblr)

You know, I haven’t been posting much here. My main blogging is still at Climb to the Stars, but the light stuff has migrated to both my Twitter account and Digital Crumble, my tumblelog on Tumblr.

A tumblelog is a blog, but it’s very basic. I use it to copy interesting stuff I find online and on other Tumblr tumblelogs, and publish the kind of stuff I used to publish here on the Cheese Sandwich Weblog.

So, see you on Digital Crumble from now on!

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New WordPress Dashboard

So, here we are. I’ve known for some time (as I was proofreading a book in French on WordPress) that drastic changes were lying ahead for the WordPress admin screens. Today on, we’re discovering them — and I’m typing my first post in the new interface.

I’ll wait a few days to decide if I like it or not. Change is always disruptive, so the first reaction of resistance or reject should not be taken seriously. Already, I see things I like, from a functional point of view.

New WordPress Admin Dashboard

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You can put things in bold. You can also have the in italics.

The spacing between paragraphs is big. That is because we’re reading on a screen.

One important layout tool to use is lists:

  • first thing
  • second thing
  • third

And, of course, links.

Link to Stephanie Booth‘s website.

The future is already here, it is just unevenly distributed.

— William Gibson

Landing in Lisbon 5

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Yay! Giving a Blogging Workshop in Lausanne

Actually, it’s not Lausanne, it’s Lutry. Here we are, me and seven other ladies, typing away on laptops to write a first post (well, not quite the first for me).

I’m really happy to be giving this workshop, and hope I’ll be giving more (in English and French) in the coming months!

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