Here We Go!

I’m all packed, I have a little less than five hours of sleep left before the alarm rings, and I’ve (gasp!) had dinner.

I’m off to Ireland, Texas, and California for a near-to-four-week trip. My favourite catsitter will be taking care of Bagha during my absence.

I’ll have access to the internet during my travels, of course, but as I’ll be mighty busy with conferences and the like, you can expect me to be even less responsive than usual. Yes, it’s possible.

A Productive Morning

In no particular order:

  • checked which day my laundry day was this week and marked it on the calendar
  • added a whole bunch of other small things to my calendar
  • sorted out my trip to Hamburg next week
  • got my flights for Serbia sorted out
  • exchanged a few e-mails with clients and future clients
  • wrote two blog posts
  • injected interferon into Bagha, without a noise
  • started planning my week
  • decided what I would do this afternoon (blog about looking for funding for the book in French, sort out tax stuff)

Doesn’t sound like so much, but actually I got a whole lot of small nagging administrative things done (mainly calendar-related).