Scattered on Hard Drives

I have a bunch of external hard drives now, and I’m trying to figure out how to organise all my data on them. Here’s what I have:

  • 100Gb on the computer
  • 120Gb
  • 250Gb (big, not transportable, really)
  • 250Gb
  • 320Gb
  • 1Tb

I have an iTunes library that is approx 20Gb, my Pictures directory is around 40Gb though I have moved quite a few photos off to an external drive already, Movies is 15Gb though I thought it was empty (also moved stuff off). I have TV Series (shhh) too. I have many Gb of source video I’ve taken (India is 56Gb, and then I’ve shot a few conferences).

I recently had to move my iTunes library off the computer. This is kind of silly, though, because if there’s one thing one wants on the computer, it’s music (so that when I sync my iPod it doesn’t decide to blank it).

So, here’s what I’m thinking. Keep the 120Gb drive for a “computer” backup that I can carry around with me. Keep a “computer” backup image on the 1Tb drive too.

Use the 320Gb to store photos and video, with a backup on the 1Tb.

Use the static 250Gb to store source video material I’m not working on or am done with (archive) — with a backup on the 1Tb.

Use the 250Gb (mobile) for stuff I want to watch or video I’m working on.