What Am I Doing Now?

Not much posting or online activity these days, you might have noticed. I’m nursing the nasty cold which has taken over my lungs, throat, nose and brain, and I have about 3 proposals to finish writing up and sending to clients. Then, of course, a whole lot of other things in the GTD pipeline, but I’d rather not think about it, to be honest. “Cross that bridge when you come to it”, that kind of stuff.

Today I feel that my cold has freed enough of my brain for me to get to work. Luckily I don’t have to speak or dictate (my hands are doing good these days, thanks to my magician osteopath) because my throat is still really sore and my ears are ringing. Oh well, a cold, you know.

For those of you who asked about Bagha: he’s doing great! He finished his last series of interferon shots, and the last two times the vet saw him he said he was in really great shape. We just tested him for hyperthyroidism as it’s quite common in older cats and he’s lost a little weight. I need to remember to call back next week to get the results. Bagha will get back at writing in his diary — unfortunately I’ve been a bit busy (being stressed, or travelling) to help him out with the typing (don’t tell him you know, but he can’t really manage the key with those paws of his).