YouTube or Dailymotion?

Dailymotion blogged video

Western, originally uploaded by Steph
A little fun sequence Michel Valdrighi and Stephanie Booth put together on a grey Sunday morning.

We all love Flickr. Unfortunately for those of us who have video sequences to share, Flickr only deals with photographs.

I have found too more-or-less equivalent services for videos: they allow you to upload and store your videos (at no cost) and let others comment on them as well as provide you with a bunch of social-like features and statistics.

I have accounts both at YouTube and Dailymotion, but I can’t decide between the two. I like the interface at Dailymotion a bit better (though there is of course lots of room for improvement), but if I look at my video-views, YouTube seems more popular. On the other hand, I have the sneaking feeling that some of my videos on YouTube didn’t upload correctly.

Have you tried one of these services — or both? Any thoughts, information or experiences you would like to share? As a visitor, which service is nicest?

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