3 thoughts on “Mon super titre d’article

  1. Stephanie

    It was a pleasure meeting you at ‘South by Southwest’.
    Funny enough, I realized this week that I quoted one of your stories a while back on my dormant ‘Serge the Entrepreneur’ blog.

    I hope everything is well.

    Let me know how I can Help publicize the Going Solo event in May.

    A bientot

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

  2. Hey Serge! nice to hear from you. I’m pretty busy, but things are doing pretty well too.

    If you want to help out publicising Going Solo, that’s great — and thanks a lot!

    Putting a blog badge on your site is always helpful, and a short post if you feel like it (there is a group discount you might want to tell your readers about.

    I’ll send you an e-mail presenting Going Solo that you can forward around if you like. If you happen to have any contacts you could introduce me to who might be interested in sponsoring the event, that would be precious too.

    Thanks a lot for offering to give a hand with this!

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