Time Flying By

I’ve always (as far as I can remember) had the feeling that time went by too fast — except maybe during some long, unending summer holidays when I was a kid or young teenager. I’ve been thinking about that recently. What makes time seem to go by “too fast” is simply that I’m frustrated that I have accomplished what I thought I would in a given timeframe.

What makes it so difficult to evaluate what can be done in a day? How can I change my way of projecting myself in the future to be more realistic, or even better, pessimistic? Gosh, imagine if the story in my head went like this: “Wow, this was supposed to take all day, and I did it in 3 hours! I have lots of free time to do other stuff in, or relax!”

But that never happens. What happens is: “OK, I’ll be reasonable, and plan to write this blog post and send this e-mail today, even though I feel I should be able to do more in a day.” And at the end of the day, I’ve maybe written the blog post, but I haven’t sent the e-mail — or vice-versa — leaving me with a feeling of failure rather than accomplishment.

Just to make things clear: I’m not concerned about the “project management” aspect of evaluating how much time things take. I know that most of the time, we just can’t evaluate that correctly. What interests me is why we (or at least I) systematically over-evaluate what can be done in a day.

3 thoughts on “Time Flying By

  1. I think its a matter of distraction. How many things do you do while writing the blog? Looking up sources or web pages, checking email, food, house work etc. When you look back on the single task you set out to accomplish you tend to ignore those other things that you did while writing it.

    The other thing is just the perception of time growing quicker, I’ve heard it put as a relation to the number of events in our lives but I don’t know that thats an supported argument. Certainly we can still experience a faster or slower passage of time, but as a whole our perception is that overall theres less time.


  2. En te lisant. je me demande si la question est vraiment sur le nombre de choses qui peuvent être faites en un jour ou sur l’efficacité mise en oeuvre à les réaliser.
    Pour ma part, j’observe des différences vertigineuses entre la plupart des jours où je suis très “cool” dans mon organisation et super peu efficace et certains jours où je prends le taureau par les cornes et où j’abats le travail de semaines ordinaires…

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