Not Fooling Myself

Some random stuff I’ve understood about the way I function, over the years, and things I need to pay attention to so that I don’t slide down slippery jungle paths.

For some reason, I seem to have this strange belief that if there’s something I need to do that I don’t quite feel like doing, it’ll go away if I ignore it — or I’ll magically feel like doing it later on. Things like doing the washing-up, taxes, but also cooking food, etc. I keep having to remind myself that no, I won’t feel like doing the washing up any more than right now if I go back to what I was doing and wait. One mechanism of procrastination debugged (well, it still pops up, but it’s a known bug).

A lot of my hardships in life come from a tendency to treat everything as a matter of life and death. Sometimes, simply remembering to treat a difficult situation as an “experiment”, to “see what happens” (rather than “succeed at all costs”), is enough to help me wind down and screw my head back on (not literally, but you see what I mean). A slightly more specific version of “take three steps back”, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Not Fooling Myself

  1. One of the habits I try to teach the members of Procrasti-NATION is looking at the to-do list every morning. And when you figure out which item on the list is the ONE item you really do not want to do – be sure to do it FIRST everyday! Once you get the bad stuff out of the way – the rest of the day is going to be great. Try turning it into YOUR HABIT. Do it every day for 30 days. Then you will realize it was one fantastic month and a great way to lead your life.

    Check out my Revolt against Procrasti-Nation. Perhaps you will get a few ideas…


  2. A comment here seems to be more appropriate but I just wanted to remark that you seem to be a lot kinder with yourself these past few weeks.

    I appreciated your posts where you mentioned your new attitude to your conference experiences and here you provide insight into ways of avoiding procrastination. Being a wonderful and efficient procrastinator myself I am very attentive!

    It would appear that when you can take time to reflect and empty your head of a lot of considerations that sometimes your head fills up differently and more harmoniously.

    I’m not sure I’m expressing myself clearly but in conversation it would be easier. I’m a patient man. I can wait.

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