Cellar Works

So, yesterday, I ran off to IKEA for what was probably my last trip with my car, as I’m selling it tomorrow (found a buyer, yay!) to buy some shelves for my cellar. (I already had some, but no screws, and IKEA changed STEN into GORM, not compatible, long story, anyway.)

This morning, I got to work and emptied the cellar, threw away lots of old school stuff (the “it might come in useful one day” rationalisation doesn’t really hold when I can find it on the internet in less time than it would take to dig it out of the cellar), and built the shelves.

Cellar, "Finished"

My cellar is now ready to welcome some of the stuff that is inhabiting my balcony and my flat.

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3 Responses to Cellar Works

  1. Jonathan says:

    Ikea has dark magic powers to convince you to buy so many things that you weren’t thinking about when you walked past their great seal…

  2. Elfe says:

    Bravo! Ta cave fait envie et j’espère que notre garage ressemblera un jour à ce modèle d’ordre et d’espace 😉

  3. vivdora says:

    mmm wish you could come and encourage me to throw stuffout! Our house is a tip and now I’m retired I have no excuse any more

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