Ready to Blogburst

I’ve been running around way too much these last weeks, and hardly had time to write or blog. There’s so much stuff I feel the need to write about!

But I need to write a proposal for a client, play around with wordpress plugins for another, pay my bills, check my clients have paid me, put the laundry away, empty my GTD-inbox, put my tasks back into iGTD, update my CV for Google, finish sorting out my taxes… Too much!

And my downstairs neighbour is smoking pot again — it’s coming in through the balcony window and I really hate the smell. Pah.

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2 thoughts on “Ready to Blogburst

  1. Well, I guess I could, though

    – I’m not really one for telling on people, I’d rather go and speak with the neighbour first

    – I’m not certain the police would actually come over just because somebody is smoking a little pot

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