Major Accomplishment

Today’s major accomplishment (aside from dropping off furniture at Salvation Army, and buying things at IKEA that are actually going to require that I drill holes in walls — something I tend to avoid doing at all costs because I haven’t yet done it enough) is…


…that I now have a shower curtain.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, after over six years of “still not having the shower curtain put up”, finally, finally, my guests will be able to take their shower without splashing water all over the bathroom (with the years, I’ve perfected the technique of leaving my bathroom rather dry in the process).

Did I break some kind of record?

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2 thoughts on “Major Accomplishment

  1. I, for one, am mystified and curious.

    I wasted little time when it came time for me to buy a shower curtain in January, but it would be useful to know the technique required to shower without one in a manner that keeps one’s premises from being splattered with water.

  2. Kneel. Crouch. Direct spray of water away from “rest of the bathroom”.

    10 years of judo definitely help, but I’m sure non-judo people can master the technique too.

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