Flock, Feeds, Google Reader

Bru just told me, answering my twitter, that it’s possible to set FireFox to subscribe to feeds in Google Reader by clicking on the orange feed link.

I can’t find how to do that in Flock — I wonder if it’s possible? Shame if it isn’t.

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4 Responses to Flock, Feeds, Google Reader

  1. Lloyd Budd says:

    Likely will “come for free” with the next major version of Flock which will be based on Firefox 2.

  2. ask says:

    why not just install google toolbar for flock – then it’s just one click!

  3. Steph says:

    I use the bookmarklet now. But I’m not sure it was available when I wrote this post.

  4. Bill Kracke says:


    There is a great extension called Better GReader available at lifehacker.com. It has a few tweaks, but also includes the cool floating orange RSS thing. I am using it now – in Flock!

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