Totally Weird

I tried to post a comment on this post of mine over at CTTS. When I submit the comment, I get kicked of my Grandma’s wifi.

I tried half a dozen times and it’s perfectly reproducible. Haven’t yet managed to determine if coComment was involved or not.

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2 thoughts on “Totally Weird

  1. That is a weird occurrence as you describe it. Have you tried a different computer / connection? Odd… if you suspect coComment was involved, you should expose them, hehe 😉

  2. well……..
    At the end, cocomment is just code in the page……
    Breaking a Wifi connection requires either to reconfigure the network interface, or to emit some electromagnetic waves at the same frequency as Wifi is using (2.4Ghz I guess)……
    One last option I can see is each time you submit a comment you hit the buton to hard and your laptop start flying around the room, making it to lose the Wifi connection 😉

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