Le Web 3: danah boyd

Finally something I really want to listen to, after the political takeover. We’ve been talking about it quite a lot in the backchannel. Danah’s great. (Capital letter there because it’s the beginning of a sentence.)

MySpace approaching indie music people. Friendster got rid of a lot of profiles, including those.

Groups, bands and friends. Left the possibility of adding HTML stuff to forms. Yuck! But on the other hand, they’re personal. They don’t help you do it. Emergence of a copy-paste culture. You need to “earn” the personalisation of your page.

People writing their entire community into being. Potential audience. Who I see fits into my culture.

(Ugh, who’s smoking here? Stinks of cigarette smoke.)

Birthday party guest lists and MySpace friend lists. Unspoken rules.

Where do we learn social norms? We learn that by being socialized in the culture.

How do you speak to multiple audiences? For teenagers: parents/teachers and marketers have a lot of interest in what they’re doing.

At the beginning, commercialism was very limited in the beginning. (cf. X-Men) Now, this is flooding MySpace. E-mail = spam and what your parents and teachers write to you. Now MySpace is turning into a place where you can’t even talk to your friends because you have two thousand messages of people who are trying to market to you.

Answer? Mobile (I say: maybe Twitter?)

No network neutrality now in the mobile world.

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