My server’s down. Runaway apache process we can’t kill. It won’t restart. My sysadmin doesn’t have ssh access to the vserver anymore (update went wrong).

Yesterday, I went all the way to Geneva for 5 minutes of TV shooting, and my car broke down on the way back. TCS was going to be about 2 hours coming, so instead of being able to go home and change out of my uncomfortable (and wet, 10 minutes under pouring rain in light clothes) trousers, I got to go directly to the theatre as I was. Of course, it was just a blown fuse.

So there. My train for Le Web 3 is at 1:30pm tomorrow. Between now and then I need to migrate my sites (and client’s sites) to Dreamhost, clean the flat, pack my stuff, and rest. Plus my hands hurt like hell.

I just want to curl up in a corner and wait until it’s all finished.

2 thoughts on “Murphy

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