Dammit, Flock!

Two days ago I finally got my MacBook. I imported stuff from an image I had of my iBook’s hard drive. I installed Flock.

Now look: almost all my del.icio.us favourites are dated August 11th. And I’m sure there’s no way to undo.

I’ve already been a bit squeamish about trusting Flock to sync favourites with del.icio.us. Now, I have even bigger doubts, if you know what I mean. How do I know I won’t wake up one morning and find all my del.icio.us bookmarks erased, because Flock had a hiccup?

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8 thoughts on “Dammit, Flock!

  1. Stephanie,

    I apologize for taking so long to reply and the inconvenience that you are having. There is a way to restore your delicious’ timestamp is to contact Delicious at support@del.icio.us. Would you also answer me the following questions, please?

    1. What version of Flock and build_id are you running? You can type about: on the url and copy this information to me.
    2. Were the private favorites affected as well?
    3. Did you switch between accounts (ie. From one Delicious account to another Delicious account, or from Delicious to Shadows)?
    4. If yes in Q3, did you uncheck” Copy my favorites to the service I’m switching to” under Favorites Setup? By default, it is check-marked.
    5. Also, would you please send me two files: flock_favorites.rdf and bookmarks.html at patricia@flock.com? You can find them at (your home folder)>Library>Application Support>Flock. Your submitted information is confidential.

    Thank you for your patience and assistance. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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