School is over, and very probably for good. As I prepare to hopefully become self-employed (well, first unemployed), one of my first missions is to clean up my living space so that I can think clearly and organise my time. Space and time, you know. Can’t work properly or manage my time properly if my space is all cluttered up.

My flat suffers from the “broken window syndrome“. As it’s cluttered, I don’t pay attention to the fact I create more clutter. It needs to be clean and stay clean to remain that way. (Wow, that was profound.)

What I really mean is that I need to do some serious cleaning and emptying out of old stuff. No, you won’t get photos of the messy flat. This is what it can look like when it’s clean. My objective for before Suw and Kevin come over this week-end.

Au travail!

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One thought on “Summertime

  1. Bravo pour ce bel objectif! Je suis de tout coeur avec toi…Tout l’espace qui se libère offre de la place à la créativité nouvelle 🙂

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