Flock Again

You might remember that I tried Flock some time back on my (soon-to-be-defunct) iBook. It was neat, but a bit sluggish.

Now that I’m sentenced to using a winbox (probably until I get my shiny new Macbook), I’ve installed Flock again. It’s really neat! The posting interface for blogging is still great, and, unlike WordPress.com, it knows that tags and categories are not the same thing, thankyouverymuch.

Two bugs or glitches for the moment:

– once I specified my del.cio.us account settings, the browser became unstable and crashed systematically (almost unusable). I’ve removed the "Sharing" and it’s working fine now

– while writing this post, I discovered that the "insert link" interface doesn’t allow me to paste the URL into the provided field. Very annoying! I have to either type it, or put in something bogus and then go and place the right URL in the link through the "source editing" interface. 

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One thought on “Flock Again

  1. Hey Stephanie,

    Glad to hear you’re liking Flock. Our first beta release, Cardinal, will be coming out later this month. Aside from the other improvements, you should notice the blogging editor works better, and hopefully the bookmark sharing too. We’d love to hear what you think again when it comes out.


    Will Pate
    Community Ambassador, Flock

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