Winter is Over!

Winter is over, the sun is here, I’ve got rid of my backlog of tests to mark, and I’ve decided to do my boat permit this summer.

For some strange reason my Chaiyya Chaiyya post has been extremely popular these last weeks.

I sang at Chéserex at the beginning of the month, and it was an extraordinary experience. Specially when on the second or third nights, you know everything is going to be fine, and you can just relax and focus on the pleasure of singing. Sad that it’s over already, I could have gone on for a couple of weeks.

I’m also really happy that everybody seems enthusiastic about the Café-Café website I helped put into place. We have a private blog in the members section which has really taken off!

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One thought on “Winter is Over!

  1. Alors Stéphanie, comment était cette journée à l’Hebdo, j’espère qu’il y en a un en costume-cravate qui t’a plu !!! Bravo pour ton appartion dans les 100 personnalités qui font la Suisse. Je suis très fière de t’avoir dans les rangs de Café-Café et bien sûr de pouvoir dire que tu as travaillé à notre site et à nos blogs. Bravo !

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