Chaiyya Chaiyya

I went to see Inside Man on Saturday. Imagine my surprise when I heard the intro to Chaiyya Chaiyya start ringing through the cinema! I thought we were in for a Bollywood movie preview — but no, it was the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s movie.

It was great hearing the song again. It takes me way back to India, where I spent many evenings dancing Akirno to sleep on this song. So, if you go and see Inside Man, enjoy Chaiyya Chaiyya, then rent Dil Se to see the song in its original context. The dance scenes on the top of the train going to Darjeeling are breathtaking — and it’s a good movie, too.

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17 thoughts on “Chaiyya Chaiyya

  1. I went with my family to see it Sunday. Great movie, and intelligent too. I was hooked on the intro music and iTuned Chaiyya Chaiyya on getting home. Pity about that rap bit stuck in the middle. Am I to believe that more of this delicious music is available? I’ll follow your links and try to find it.

  2. Hi there … I’m trying to find Chaiyya Chaiyya and am having difficulty — not on my version of iTunes (Canada) … is there an album I could buy online that includes the song, I wonder?

  3. Well, I guess if you go to your local Indian store you’ll find the soundtrack for Dil Se or a compilation of A.R.Rahman’s greatest hits. Otherwise, Chaiyya Chaiyya is on the Bombay Dreams musical CD I have (London version, but I guess the Broadway one has it too).

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  5. Actually, my favourite song from the Dil Se soundtrack is ‘Satrangi Re’, which they mysteriously left off the soundtrack CD they are selling in Germany and Austria.

  6. Greetings from Costa Rica.
    As soon as I heard Chaiyya Chaiyya I was hit by a Lightning.
    I downloaded the mp3 and also de video clip from Shareaza.

    Now I’m looking for any other music of bollywood.

  7. I remember being punished in school for singing this song in class (some girl complained about this to the class teacher 😐 😦 ) ,well that was way back in 1998/99 now 06 thanks to Inside Man iam so in love with this song again :D.

  8. Hi there!

    I am from Chennai, India, land of AR Rahman. Let me know if you people want any songs like “Satrangi Re” or AR Rahman’s latest hit “New York City”. Mail me I will send you the songs and the lyrics as well.


  9. The Dil Se soundtrack is now available via iTunes (you can purchase Chaiyya Chaiyya for .99 cents) and on (soundtrack cd is $3.99 + shipping)

    Does anyone have the lyrics to Chaiyya Chaiyya in english? (Walk in the shadows?)

  10. Urdu:
    جنکے سر ہو عِشق کی چھاوں پاوّں کے نیچے جنّت ہوگی
    چل چھیّاں چھیّاں، چھیّاں چھیّاں چھیّاں چھیّاں، چھیّاں چھیّا
    گُلپوش کبھی اِترایّں کہیں مہکے تو نظر آ جایے کہیں
    تعویز بناکے پہنُوں اُسے آیت کی طرح مِل جایے کہیں
    Whose head is in the shade of love, heaven is under his feet.
    Walk in the shade, remain in the shade,
    remain in the shade, remain in the shade.
    The flower-wearer walks around self-assured, I can spot him by the scent,
    I can wear him like an amulet, sometime I encounter him as a hymn.

  11. hi

    since i watched insideman movie the1st time i fell in love for the whole soundtrack (especially of course Chaiyya Chaiyya ) so i will not ley to you ,i download it from the net and recorded it on CD to enjoy it at any time .IT IS MARVELLES.THNKS.

  12. Can anyone tell me what chaiyya chaiyya translates into in English, love the track but dont know what it means (doesnt quite translate with the lyrics). Cheery

  13. Dear Steph,
    I saw the movie some couple years ago. does that make sense, some couple years ago? Anyway, to me, it does. But what makes even more sense is the song Chaiya Chaiya. I fell in-love with that song and it became the prevailing song to dance with my infant grandson with. Now he’s two and I still love this song. I made a friend a few years back from India. Hearing the song took me back to a Summer-time when we used to go driving in my car and talking about His India in contrast to my America. Back then my favorite song was “Don’t Cha”. We spent gas and time just driving and car dancing to that song and it was hilarious to watch this young male shake his finger at me and sing, “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” I loved him like a son and a friend. I am quite older, age 48 now. I was 45 then. My yungest daughter was leaving the nest and he came into my life to fill a mother’s void and fright at being left alone with no more identity in being a mother of young children who needed her. I changed over that summer. I liked America just a bit less for not having given me socially another identity to adhere to when the last child leaves the nest. I lacked the ability to lean on stronger beliefs in my own self worth and value as a seperate indentity away from being Mom. this young man awakened in me sleeping dogs. All was well when we traveled the roads of Kent, Ohio just singing like a couple of dorks; me with my corn-fed American independant female ways and he, with his rich, Hindi-India accent. Love and friendship we shared along withan endless supply of love and understanding for eachother. He’s gone now, and time has caused us to lose touch. Chaiya chaiya makes remember those days of a long lost summer with that young India man.
    Now, a Grandmother, instead writes you. I share this song with my grandson to share the joy I learned from that young man from that summer. Love goes on and takes many different forms and many different truths, if I’m right.
    thank you for loving the song. I loved it too and still do.

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