Broken iBook

Yeah, I know, it’s getting a bit repetitive.

I knew something was up with my hard drive. Well, now it’s just pretending to be absent.

I did a backup two weeks ago, but I added some important meetings in iCal since then and transferred about 100 photos from my camera. I was going to do a new backup today.

Do you think AppleCare includes an exchange program for cursed iBooks? This one has been through three motherboards (not including the defective one Apple sent to the repair shop) and now the HD looks dead.

If you know of any way I might be able to retrieve my photos and iCal appointments, do let me know.

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9 thoughts on “Broken iBook

  1. Can you start it it target mode? And if no, and if (as I understand) your iBook is no longer under warranty, open it up and dig your HD out. Hook it up to an USB controller and get your data backuped.

    Before it got stolen and I replaced it with a PB12”, my iBook was having rather troublesome power management failure (the battery wouldn’t load and so the iBook repetently “died”)… One day I had to get to my data and the iBook wasn’t starting again. I had no choice but to open up the damn thing to get my HD.

    Oddly, when I got my data backuped, I put the drive back into the computer, remounted everything and… it booted again! Incidently, I had to tear the mac apart a second time, since after I had it back in one piece and running, I found out there was a part of the HD support brace I had left out… (yes, the old joke)

    … si jamais j’ai un adaptateur IDE et un controller FW pour récupérer tes données. Just aks! 🙂

  2. did you try if you can access the HD in firewire-target-mode?
    i that doesn’t help i second the hint on trying to get out the HD (not an easy job!) and access it otherwise.

    hope this helps!

    ps: i should think about a daily backup….

  3. Essaie la combinaison dans l’ordre
    – diskwarrior
    – data rescue
    – techtools

    Ca m’a sauvé un disque une fois alors que l’utilitaire d’Apple ne pouvait rien…
    Bonne chance!

  4. Hello Steph,
    Désolé de ne pas pouvoir te venir en aide sur ce coup de iBook.
    Surtout que le Bloggy Friday de vendredi était fort sympa.
    Sympa aussi que tu m’ai ajouté à ta liste de site (bien que faisant partie de la HEP 😉
    Au fait, je viens d’effectuer une petite migration du site. Désormais, l’adresse renvoie à htpp://
    Au cas où
    Je croise les doigts pour ton iBook. Amicalement. Et à bientôt.

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