Babylon5 Frustration

While my computer was at the shop for repairs, I rediscovered the joys of relaxing in front of the TV, and made my way through a fair number of TV series on DVD. After watching the first two seasons of Babylon5, I hunted high and low to find season 3, which seemed to be out of stock just about everywhere. I finally found it, bought it, and watched the first five DVDs.

Less than half an hour ago, I put the sixth DVD into the player to watch the last two episodes of the season and… No Babylon5, but cartoons instead! I took it out to check — the cover really says Babylon5.

Very frustrating. Very.

I’ll be returning the box set to the shop on Monday. Grmph. 

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3 thoughts on “Babylon5 Frustration

  1. Uhm, maybe that was a bonus DVD and there aren’t any more episodes that season? Unless it was a “pre-owned” box set and someone tampered with it..?

    By the way, I like what you did with your sidebar – and glad to hear you’re posting again:)

  2. That’s got to be upsetting – the last few episodes of season 3 are some of the most exciting in the series. I remember when I first saw it on TV – the end of that season blew me away. Hope you manage to find a good copy.

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