Fund for whiskey_kitten’s new camera

Update 12.03.2006 from James: we’ve far exceeded our goal of $250 – we got to $850!! We’re going to get wk a new Nikon D50. Thanks everyone!

My pal from IRC freenode, whiskey_kitten, who is as you can see also a resident, has been gracing us with many photographs of horse shows and various critters for all these last months.

Unfortunately, her camera is now broken and beyond repair. Given that the horse show photographs are an important source of income for her, you can imagine what a dire situation it puts her in.

James is hosting the WK Camera Fund so that we can help her buy a new camera. As we don’t want to embarrass the kitty more than necessary, it’s understood that this is loaned money that we want repaid by many photographs once she gets her camera back :-).

James is hosting the PayPal tipjar, because as you know, all South-Africans like whiskey_kitten are known terrorists, so they can’t receive money through PayPal.

Please help us get a new camera for whiskey_kitten. Pass the word around to your friends. Thanks a lot.

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