So Much to Write, So Little Time

Unwritten posts are piling up in my to-do list. I could spend the next week writing, probably. But I have tests to mark, classes to prepare, and various stuff to do.

I’m actually starting (don’t laugh) to realise how much time it takes me to write a post. I tend to dive in and come out to catch my breath once I’m done with it, but it can easily take an hour or two to do (on CTTS, I’m not speaking of here).

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4 thoughts on “So Much to Write, So Little Time

  1. Problem with podcasts: content isn’t indexed, less accessible, can’t place links in it easily 🙂

    Put I’m planning on making audio content available in future…

  2. That’s exactly what I’m living nowadays, since I created my (first) blog. It’s really increadible how much time I can spend here. The difference between you and me, ti seems, is that I stay here instead of working although I have so many things to do (maybe because I’m a too young blogger) ! Well, good cheer ! And I’m waiting for your response you promised me, you know !

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