Spring Calling

It was sunny during a moment yesterday for the first time in a long time. This morning, it’s light outside, and I can see blue sky between the clouds. It’s been grey here for so long I could hardly remember the sky was blue!

I’m ready for spring to come. Winter is always such a dreadful part of the year for me. I know you all have images of snowy Switzerland and stuff, but that’s not how things are here. We get snow in Lausanne maybe 3-4 times a winter, and it only looks pretty just after it’s fallen. Afterwards it turns into grey slush or white patches in the dull green muddy grass.

I like the springtime and summer. When there is light, warmth, sunshine and flowers.

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One thought on “Spring Calling

  1. I know exactly what you mean. We only got snow for a day or two, and it has been an unusually cold winter anyhow. Well – just a little more patience and it’ll all be sunny and bright soon 🙂 Actually it was sunny and bright over here today already, but Greece shouldn’t be allowed to compete in “sunny days” polls, it just wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

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