Seven Down, Eight to Go

That’s the number of kids in my class. Seven of them ill today. Eight in class, but two of them not in very good shape.

What’s up? I asked around, but none of my colleagues have so many sick kids in their class.

In any case, it makes teaching really weird. Can’t really do the normal program as I’ll more or less have to re-do it for those who weren’t there.

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5 thoughts on “Seven Down, Eight to Go

  1. Thanks! It’s a new theme available on There are more and more — and hopefully we’ll soon be able to build our own.

    As for bird flu… I was thinking that there should be a bird flu blog somewhere, for Switzerland for example — to give recent news and instructions and information, and prevent people from thinking they need to start keeping their cats indoors from now on (merci Le Matin).

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