With the intention of doing things in a less obsessive manner, here is what I accomplished this evening:

  • laundry
  • paid bills
  • washing-up
  • answered a bunch of e-mails (some of them very old)
  • fired off a couple of e-mails to try and get paid for stuff I did in November/December
  • freed some space on my hard drive (hopefully the iBook will stop freezing)
  • sorted some school papers in a file.

I was very ambitious, however, so there are a certain number of things I didn’t do:

  • spend 30 minutes marking tests (too tired, no use doing it when you’re going to make mistakes)
  • clean up the broken glass on the balcony
  • write a few posts
  • write down the last two months’ expenses in my big spreadsheet.

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About Stephanie Booth

Blogging since 2000, and still at it. Sailing, skiing, judo-ing. Geek with social skills. Freelance consultant, speaker, trainer, thinker. Social media without the hype.
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5 Responses to Done!

  1. Alanna says:

    Are you aware of this going on? Very funny —

  2. Steph says:

    haha! no, I didn’t — I actually got the “cheese sandwich” inspiration from the anti-bloggie awards way back in 2002:

    There was a category called “most likely to have a cheese sandwich” to make fun of blogger who have nothing more exciting to blog about than what they eat. I have nothing more exciting to blog about here than my “accomplishments” 😉

  3. With all the talk about how to get your blog noticed, I still like the things that I read where we can share who we are. Today (Sunday 2/19) I did not accomplish a whole lot except try to get my Flickr pictures to upload to my WordPress blog automatically.

  4. Steph says:

    Guy: yeah, life is sometimes unexciting, isn’t it.

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