Technically Cursed

Last night, I wanted to watch a DVD. Well, I have news for you: I painfully got through the first 40 minutes of the movie (after many “no disc” error messages and screen freezes) and finally reached the conclusion that my DVD player was (as good as) dead.

So, I need a new printer, and a DVD player, and business cards before Thursday.


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5 thoughts on “Technically Cursed

  1. salut
    pour des cartes de visite à prix acceptable en petite quantité je suggère la bonne vieille imprimante, tu trouves des étiquettes préperforées dans toutes les bonnes papeteries! il suffit d’entrer le numéro du paquet dans Word/outils/étiquettes et la page A4 se transforme en tableau vierge qui n’attend que ta créativité 🙂

  2. Alors j’en ai mais… (t’as vu le billet d’avant?)

    Est-ce que ça marchera aussi sur la Laser de l’école, mon papier acheté chez Office World?

  3. Mine died as well, but I found a site on the web that recommended stretching out the springs that balance the DVD carrier, and mine works fine now. Of course, it’s a cheap player, so I had everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying that.

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