Good Band/Music Blogs, Anyone?

We know most bands and music groups try to make their own websites, and they usually suck. My singing group are re-doing their website shortly, and I’d like to show them some pretty examples of blog-based sites. Of course, if I show them a standard Kubrick-themed blog (although I like Kubrick, nice and clean and simple-looking), there is a fair chance they’ll go “ew, we don’t want your blog-thing, it doesn’t look cool enough”.

We know that indexing, architecture, usability and good content are the place to start for a website. Good design enhances and supports the message without obstructing it. Unfortunately, design is what hits you in the eye (ouch) when you look at a site, and most people tend to start with that (and end with it too).

We also have to remember that blogs are prejudiced in Switzerland: they are personal diaries of teenagers bearing lots of photographs, and which get their owners into trouble. So I need to have something to show.

If you know of any neat music-related blogs, stick them in the comments. Thanks!

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11 thoughts on “Good Band/Music Blogs, Anyone?

  1. d’après le who’s who de la blogosphère (hinhin), la mano negra a un blog
    Cali en a aussi un
    Jeanne Cherhal en a eu un mais il est mouru

    et sinon y a Thierry Jullien, qui n’a pas de blog, mais c’est tout comme

    Sinon, y a des tas de gens qui ont un blog et qui font de la musique, genre lui:
    ou, bien sûr, lui: (mais son blog est mort)

    A brûle pourpoint, c’est tout ce qui me vient

  2. la chanteuse Juliette en a un, et puis jerome attal aussi… c’est tout ce qui me vient (pour les urls, faut que je sois sur mon ordi, ce qui n’est pas le cas)

  3. ah et puis aussi fingerless, qui en a ouvert un à l’occasion de leur passage en studio. Le plus simple pour des blogs anglophones, ce serait de demander à Lara/l’excentrée, elle doit en connaitre des paquets! (il me semble aussi que Radiohead blogue en angliche)

  4. I know precisely what you mean! When I created my Music Blog/Podcast, I chose kubrick for the base styles. It’s very clean and easy to modify… needless to say it’s also has a “been done before” look to it, now that everybody and their grandma uses it.

    I’m planning on revamping the site with the use of fauna a relatively new wordpress theme which is very elegant and easy to modify as well. It has an edginess that kubric doesn’t have off the bat.

  5. Not really related to music, more on the “not hurting your eyes” side, the web site of Phylactere, L’Association, Yverdon-les-Bains ( ) has been completely done with a blog system (DotClear). And I have to admit that I’m quite pleased with the way it looks (especially the fact that it doesn’t look like a blog, even though all the content is published in blog posts).

    (yes, it’s a shameless plug of one of my websites…)

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