Good Band/Music Blogs, Anyone?

We know most bands and music groups try to make their own websites, and they usually suck. My singing group are re-doing their website shortly, and I’d like to show them some pretty examples of blog-based sites. Of course, if I show them a standard Kubrick-themed blog (although I like Kubrick, nice and clean and simple-looking), there is a fair chance they’ll go “ew, we don’t want your blog-thing, it doesn’t look cool enough”.

We know that indexing, architecture, usability and good content are the place to start for a website. Good design enhances and supports the message without obstructing it. Unfortunately, design is what hits you in the eye (ouch) when you look at a site, and most people tend to start with that (and end with it too).

We also have to remember that blogs are prejudiced in Switzerland: they are personal diaries of teenagers bearing lots of photographs, and which get their owners into trouble. So I need to have something to show.

If you know of any neat music-related blogs, stick them in the comments. Thanks!

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11 Responses to Good Band/Music Blogs, Anyone?

  1. Timtom says:

    I don’t precisely know of any blog-based band website, but I like

    Their aim is to feature independent artists and labels, often with demo mp3s. Most bands have their own websites, maybe you’ll find something there!

  2. Raph says:

    d’après le who’s who de la blogosphère (hinhin), la mano negra a un blog
    Cali en a aussi un
    Jeanne Cherhal en a eu un mais il est mouru

    et sinon y a Thierry Jullien, qui n’a pas de blog, mais c’est tout comme

    Sinon, y a des tas de gens qui ont un blog et qui font de la musique, genre lui:
    ou, bien sûr, lui: (mais son blog est mort)

    A brûle pourpoint, c’est tout ce qui me vient

  3. mates of state have a really slick site that includes a blog.

  4. Steph says:

    neat indeed! any idea what tool is behind it?

  5. fredoche says:

    la chanteuse Juliette en a un, et puis jerome attal aussi… c’est tout ce qui me vient (pour les urls, faut que je sois sur mon ordi, ce qui n’est pas le cas)

  6. fredoche says:

    ah et puis aussi fingerless, qui en a ouvert un à l’occasion de leur passage en studio. Le plus simple pour des blogs anglophones, ce serait de demander à Lara/l’excentrée, elle doit en connaitre des paquets! (il me semble aussi que Radiohead blogue en angliche)

  7. Funtime Ben says:

    I know precisely what you mean! When I created my Music Blog/Podcast, I chose kubrick for the base styles. It’s very clean and easy to modify… needless to say it’s also has a “been done before” look to it, now that everybody and their grandma uses it.

    I’m planning on revamping the site with the use of fauna a relatively new wordpress theme which is very elegant and easy to modify as well. It has an edginess that kubric doesn’t have off the bat.

  8. julien says:

    Not really related to music, more on the “not hurting your eyes” side, the web site of Phylactere, L’Association, Yverdon-les-Bains ( ) has been completely done with a blog system (DotClear). And I have to admit that I’m quite pleased with the way it looks (especially the fact that it doesn’t look like a blog, even though all the content is published in blog posts).

    (yes, it’s a shameless plug of one of my websites…)

  9. JFG says:

    Va voir : bonne musique, bon site, et surtout bons amis !

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