‘More of This Artist!” in iTunes

Here’s one feature I’d really like to see in iTunes: Party Shuffle, with the added option of saying “More of this artist” or “More of this playlist”.

For example, the other day, a Cat Stevens song came up in my playlist. I hadn’t heard one from him in ages! Now I feel like a few hearty helpings of Cat Stevens, but aside from creating a custom playlist by hand with the appropriate quantities of him and other artists, I have the choice between “only Cat Stevens” and “just as little Cat Stevens as before”. I want “gimme 50% Cat Stevens and 50% random library stuff”.

Does anybody see how this could be done, or do we have to wait until the iTunes people hear me and develop it?

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3 thoughts on “‘More of This Artist!” in iTunes

  1. Was thinking the same thing in my current hunt for my MP3 jukebox player of choice. I’d just be happy with being able to click the artist name and have it show a list of the songs in my Library… But alas it takes me to the iTunes store *sigh*

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