Another Night Out

The master word these last few weeks has been tired. Five letters for a constant state which doesn’t seem to go away, partly because I keep having “things to attend to” until late at night (not all are unpleasant, by far, but still, they keep me up late), and partly because the end-of-(school)year stress and the cat keep me from sleeping in the mornings.

I’m looking forward to all this to calm down, and to being able to catch up on much needed sleep. In the state I’m in, I guess it’ll take me at least a week of holidays (considering it includes Christmas and New Year) to be back to normal.

Notable event of the evening: I almost hit a wild boar (sanglier in French). It appeared from nowhere just a few meters in front of my car, as I was about to enter Estavayer-le-Lac. I only had time to slam down the brake pedal while the beast ran (trotted) across the road. I thanked ABS for letting me steer the car during those few seconds.

Notable irritation of the evening: people who drive up behind you on the motorway with their big headlights on, the blinding ones. And also, people who drive towards you on normal roads with the same big blinding headlights turned on. Did I already mention this once? If I did, forgive me, but it’s really a pain in the neck.

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