Flickr Wishlist: View Photograph in Photostream

A feature that is cruelly missing in Flickr is something like “View this Photo in Photostream”. Take the photo below, which is not that ancient (I could have chosen a worse example, as there are 4’500+ photographs in my photostream — I’m not very selective).

Vitraux dans la Cathédrale de Lausanne

Well, you can of course click on the tags of this photograph to wander around, and click on the next or previous photographs in the photostream, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access the current photostream page the photograph is on? I know that page number changes all the time, but it would allow to view the photograph in “upload context”, and move rapidly through the photostream from any given starting point in it.

As I said, I’m not very selective about what I upload, but I’m more selective about what I put in sets. Many of my photos are not in sets, and I realise that makes them very difficult to get to if they aren’t in the last 5-6 pages of the photostream. Tag context is nice, set context is nice, but why do we have to do away with “upload context” (which is often closely related to “shooting context”)?

Let’s see if the Flickr gods hear me 😉

Update (18.12.05): I always forget about calendar view. You access it by clicking on the date on the photo somewhere near the bottom of the sidebar. (The link to calendar view should be more obvious, IMHO.) You can see thumbnails for a given month or day. Calendar view also shows you photographs posted on the same day if you click the date above the photostream. Now, that’s getting closer to what I want! If you switch to detailed view you actually have something better than the photostream pages.

Now the question: why did it take me so long to realise this? Can the UI be improved?

Update 13.01.06: the Flickr gods heard me! Click on the “browse” button under the thumbnails and you’re taken to the photostream page of that photo. Yay!

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