Discovered Plazes

I just discovered Plazes, and so should you. (Thanks, Jan!) Just go there and read up, ask me for an invite if you know me, and start having fun. Basically, Plazes tracks where people are (info you can choose who you’re sharing it with) and allows you to hook up with people who are geographically near you. It’s bringing space back into online life.

Have a peek at my “Where is Stephanie Booth?” page (though I’m not sure how public it is… you’ll have to tell me).

Express feedback for Plazes people:

  • I had a horrid time signing up. Nowhere did I see it was invite-only, so I hunted around quite a bit until Jan invited me. Then I think the sign-up form was unhappy that my e-mail address contained a “+” sign. (But I finally made it. Just remember: I’m your average power-user.)
  • “add your photo” should allow you to add it from Flickr directly;
  • the OSX launcher is neat, but a struggle to install, particularly because it unzips as Plazes.something (instead of a folder with the same name as the compressed archive, as one could expect) so I had a hard time finding it. And then, when I launch the installer, how do I know I have to hunt down and launch it? Instructions are either missing or not obvious enough.

Other than that, I like it!

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