Fan Experience

Remember Laurent Brunetti I’ve been listening to in my car during the last months? (All my passengers got to hear him, and he actually served as a soundtrack to Anita‘s visit — I got her hooked.)

I went to hear him sing in Crissier again last night, and as I was there with a friend from Café Café who knew him somewhat, I got to do the whole blushing fan routine, waiting at the end of the concert to get my CD signed and a picture taken.

Flickr Photo         Dédicace

He was really nice — and the concert was even better than the first! If you like good voices and French songs, he’s an artist I definitely recommend.

I realise that my “choice songs” have changed. I still love “On ira”, but my current favourites are “Aime” and “Je vais oser” — I guess because they mean a lot to me at this point of my life. Words that speak straight to my heart.

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3 thoughts on “Fan Experience

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  2. in the paper today i read about 20 year old noemi from zurich who 10 days ago had a one-night stand with robbie williams and now is all over the media… so you might want to think again about dating a rawkstar… just kiddin. this sounds great!

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