End of Week-End

So, here I am, in a mostly candle-light room, in a clean flat, and I’ve actually finished marking the tests I was supposed to correct this week-end. No backlog! Of course, I have a little backlog of classes to prepare, or rather, corrected exercises to make available, but my wrist hurts, so I can’t really fill in the exercise sheets.

And I paid my bills this morning.

Luckily, I’m a bit behind schedule for a whole lot of content I need to write for a certain website. And my own server is down until at least tomorrow morning, so I’m not tempted to tinker about on it. It’s not even eight o’clock!

My choices for the evening:

  1. Watch a DVD (not LOST, because that would mean staying up until 4 am, and it’s not a very reasonable idea);
  2. Get typing (but I can sense RSI creeping in);
  3. Finish installing Windows on my new box, and install Dragon, and start dictating (but I won’t get that far tonight…).

Let’s put it like this: rule out typing, it’s not a good idea. I know I should finish installing this Windows computer, but I’m tired and really feel like slumping on the couch in front of a pretty senseless American movie.

Glad you’ve read my blog entry tonight? I hope it was enlightening 😉

This post partly brought to you by Stephanie’s Anti-Procrastination Squad.

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