YouTube or Dailymotion?

Dailymotion blogged video

Western, originally uploaded by Steph
A little fun sequence Michel Valdrighi and Stephanie Booth put together on a grey Sunday morning.

We all love Flickr. Unfortunately for those of us who have video sequences to share, Flickr only deals with photographs.

I have found too more-or-less equivalent services for videos: they allow you to upload and store your videos (at no cost) and let others comment on them as well as provide you with a bunch of social-like features and statistics.

I have accounts both at YouTube and Dailymotion, but I can’t decide between the two. I like the interface at Dailymotion a bit better (though there is of course lots of room for improvement), but if I look at my video-views, YouTube seems more popular. On the other hand, I have the sneaking feeling that some of my videos on YouTube didn’t upload correctly.

Have you tried one of these services — or both? Any thoughts, information or experiences you would like to share? As a visitor, which service is nicest?

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9 thoughts on “YouTube or Dailymotion?

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  4. You really should check out vSocial (disclaimer: I am a co-founder). I think the key takeaways after a 5-10 minutes test drive of the vSocial service are as follows:

    1. vSocial makes the video upload, encode, publish and distribute process brain dead simple so it just works. Our users tell us that we have really nailed it from a user interface and usability perspective.

    2. The service is differentiated from all others in the sense that the company provides browser based tools (i.e., no downloads required) that enable you to actually “do something” with videos after you have uploaded them.

    You can integrate videos on the site into your video iPod in a click. You can create posts to Blogger and TypePad accounts via Blog It!, vSocial’s web based WYSIWYG editor.

    User badges adorn MySpace, Xanga and other community pages and showcase your latest and favorite videos.

    Best of all, the new “Play All Videos? feature in the company’s embedded video roll player allows consumers to watch an amalgam of clips as one continuous “reel.” This enables consumers to become virtual broadcasters by compiling stories using multiple clips.

    You can test this feature out by going to the About Page ( on vSocial and clicking on the “Play All Videos” button in the video roll embedded in the page.

    There you can also see the standard embedded player, which provides remote viewers visibility to comments on your video, tags associated with it and controls for sharing and grabbing the clip.


    vSocial: The Video Clip Sharing Community:
    Tell stories, start conversations, extend the web — with video.

  5. hey steph, thanks for this. i am hoping for your help 🙂

    can you please let me know how to embed dailymotion video in my account. I use the hosted service so i cannot use plugins.

    thanks a lot for your help

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