Flickr: What’s up With the Crappy Uploading?

Dear Flickr,

I really love you, but you seem pretty cranky on the upload front. You’ve actually been cranky for a few weeks (or more). At first I thought it was the iPhoto plugin’s fault. Then I thought it was 1001’s fault. But now I learn that other people have the same complaint, including some which use your Holy Flickr Uploader.

So it can’t be just the fault of third-party products, can it? I know you’ve had server and database issues lately. I can understand things being spotty every now and again (let’s remember you’re still in beta). But this is more or less constant. I have to keep cancelling my uploads, and starting them again. I can’t run off for the week-end leaving my 100 photos to upload while I’m gone.

And this, dear Flickr, is a real shame.

Maybe I’m missing something and the problem is on my end — if I am being unfair, do let me know. But if I’m not, please, please do something about the uploading issues.

Yours faithfully,

The Bunny

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