Flickr: Easy Remove From Set

Have you noticed that on Flickr, it’s much easier to add photos to a set than to remove them? You can select a batch of photos (based on a tag, for example) and add them all to a set.

This means it’s really easy to add too many photos to a set. Photos you hadn’t intended to add. Photos you intended to add, but finally looked redundant in the set. Photos you want to remove.

Well, folks, welcome to the world of one-by-one. You can’t select all photos with a given tag (“removefromsetname”) and remove them from a specific set. You have to either click the “Add to Set” button and remove the photo from the set, or use the dreaded organizr and hope you identify the photos you want to remove correctly when viewing them at thumbnail size.

C’mon, Flickr can do better than this! Removing a photo from a group is easy as pie: there is a little cross next to the group name. Click it, and the job is done. Removing tags is easy too. Why couldn’t we have the same thing for sets? On the right, next to the set names my photo belongs to, I’d love to see a little cross that allows me to quickly and easily remove it from my set.

Thanks for listening!

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6 thoughts on “Flickr: Easy Remove From Set

  1. hi,
    i have exactly the same problem.
    I have read that we could delete photos from a set by clicking a photos in the organizr while holding the “r”.

    But it doesn’t work for me 😦

  2. To remove a photo from a set, go to the Organizr and select the set that you wish to remove the photo from. When that set opens, click and hold “r” on your keyboard while left clicking on the picture. While the “r” key and the left mouse button are held down you will be able to drag your picture to a newly appearing portion on the bottom of the screen to remove this picture from the set. Click on ‘Save’ and you are done. The picture will be removed from the set but not deleted from the account.

    Hope this helps!

  3. It’s a complete joke! I can’t believe this. It’s really not doable. The link given in one of the comments contains little useful information; certainly not at a moment’s glance. Especially when one’s happy with the several hours already spent on this organizing crap. Put simply, organizing in Flickr is a mess, even with a Pro account.

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