Six Down, One to Go


  1. Replaced my iBook power cable (gosh, that was expensive).
  2. Picked up the microwave from the shop. It now functions without making me think it mistook my kitchen for an airfield.
  3. Called my health insurance.
  4. Called Orange and settled the matter of the phantom GPRS connection.
  5. Dropped off six (SIX!) pairs of trousers which needed repairing (three of which are my “warm favourites).
  6. Last but not least, cleaned what was left to clean in the flat, and hoovered. It took roughly 15 minutes in total.

To do:

  1. Write a letter to teaching school to ask for part-time schooling. I’ve been putting this one off for ages (can you tell how motivated I am to find myself a student again?)

Tonight’s post proudly provided by Stephanie’s Anti-Procrastination Squad.

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2 thoughts on “Six Down, One to Go

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