Snail Mail


I’ve got another letter ready for the post! I can’t believe how easy it’s becoming to send administrative letters. If you have stamps, envelopes, a paper and a pen, it’s almost as straightforward as sending an e-mail.

Maybe my impression of having to send a letter being a “big thing” comes from my teenage years, where the only situations in which I had to write letters were pen-pals and the like (long, heartfelt letters which were supposed to be interesting) or mass-mailings (I was a scout leader) which had to be typed and then proofread, corrected, re-read, evaluated, analysed by at least two other people before I would consider photocopying them.

Telling your health insurance you want a slight modification in your contract doesn’t require you to type out a long letter. It can be done by hand, and be short and factual.

I think I’m going to stop being scared of having to send snail-mail.

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