Flock Suggestion (Blog Post)

I recently said nice things about the Flock Blog Post interface. It’s almost getting me reconciled with WYSIWYMG! So, here are a couple of suggestions if anybody is listening (and yes, I have a feeling you are…)

First of all, put the keyboard shortcuts for the formatting buttons in the tooltips. Like that we can easily find them.

Second, allow people to double-space paragraphs from the start. For the moment, if I insert a blank line before my second paragraph, I get the nasty <br /> tags I was still complaining about in the same post. I’ve figured out how to do it, now: a single carriage return after the first paragraph; ignore the fact that it is hugging the first one very closely, as they’ll divorce as soon as enter is hit after the second paragraph. I suspect this is cosmetic stuff which is not very high priority, but it was annoying enough.

Third: I love the way Flock makes it easy to add photos from Flickr. That’s just great! However, when you make it easy for people to add photos in their posts, you should also make it easy for them to make them look good in their posts. Photos are rarely left- or right-aligned. We need a <div align=”center”> button, and even better, a “float: right” and “float: left” button. With a shortcut key, of course. Oh, and I’m tired of having only small images in my blog, could I please choose the medium size if I wish?

Fourth: and how about smart trackbacks? If I link to a post in a wp-powered blog (on wp.com for example), the trackback address is easy to guess. Could Flock tell my blog engine to trackback directly, so I don’t have to go and edit my post manually to add it?

Disclaimer: I know this is a developer preview. I’m not complaining nastily. I’m giving ideas and user feedback.

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