Using 1001 to Upload Photos to Flickr

I very recently gave up using iPhoto to manage my 11’001+ photographs. It was just getting unmanageable. The new photo management programme I am using does not have a Flickr Upload plugin, of course. Between the very basic Flickr Uploader and 1001, I chose the latter, and had a few nice surprises.

First of all, I just have to drag the chosen photographs from my photo catalog onto the 1001 icon in the dock and drop them there. 1001 opens the upload window with my photographs in them.

Second, it’s very easy to add tags to multiple photos (and not just to one of them or the whole series I’m uploading). Support for adding all the series of photographs to a set or multiple groups is equally nice.

Thirdly, if 1001 is interrupted during upload, it is intelligent enough to know which photographs it has already uploaded and remove them from the list of photographs to upload. This was a big problem with the iPhoto Flickr plugin: if my upload stalled for some reason, I had the choice between re-uploading those photographs I had already uploaded, or cancelling the whole thing, selecting photos to upload, tag them again, etc…

I have two gripes, however. The first one is that 1001 does not allow me to set a photo title for all photos. But actually, that just means I need to change my workflow a little and batch-change the titles to something nicer than “IMG3425” in my photo management programme.

The second one is more annoying: my camera rotates vertical pictures automatically, which means that when I transfer my photos from camera to computer, they are all the right way up. For some unknown reason 1001 insists on making them horizontal again, so I have to manually set them vertical in 1001.

PS: Should I rather have posted this on Climb to the Stars?

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