Wiser Kids?

Virginie told me she and a common friend had been googling around and bumped into a skyblog where some of this friend’s mother’s students were saying nasty things about their teachers.

When we checked, the blog had been emptied of its content. Virginie told me she had encouraged our friend to leave a comment saying she was one of their teachers’ daughter, and that it was not possible to remain truly anonymous on the web. Maybe she did it and it was enough to scare them, or something else happened. Hopefully they’ll think twice before insulting teachers on the net again — though if they don’t, it’ll mean work for me…

Driving down the Rue de l’Industrie this evening after having taken my last batch of construction photographs, I saw two kids rolling down the road in the night sitting on their skateboards. I followed slowly, a little worried, and annoyed that they were doing something so dangerous.

What had to happen happened: the one closest to my car lost balance and ended up sprawling on the road, his skateboard rolling away towards the middle of the road. I was at a comfortable distance, luckily. No sooner had he got up that he rushed into the middle of the road to grab his skateboard, obviously without a thought for the big car which was coming at him. I honked at him and braked, and from the way he scurried off with his skateboard under his arm (and didn’t get back on it), I hope this incident made him think better of his great idea of travelling like that on his skateboard, on the road, during the night.

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