Accomplishment of the Day

Today, I cleaned the flat. It needed it! Hadn’t had a proper hoovering since Anita came. Yikes!

Bagha was scared stiff by the hoover again and actually yelled to be let out on the balcony. As he’s jumped off it twice (once scared of my brother, once scared of some people who came to evaluate the flat), I bundled him off to the bedroom instead while I dealt with the living-room.

I really hope there aren’t too many people reading this who don’t know me. I mean, this blog is supposed to be really boring unless you’re interested in my daily life, and I don’t see why on earth you would be unless you know me. (Plus, even if you do know me, I’m not sure it’s actually fascinating…)

This evening’s post is brought to you by Stephanie’s Anti-Procrastination Squad.

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