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As you might be able to guess from my last post, the de-aggravation was short-lived. I typed in a nice post in the “source code” area of the blog editing window (drag the bottom drawer up, yes, it’s a slider, thanks termie, hadn’t seen it before). But as I left out the HTML (my blog engine takes care of that, remember?) it ate all my text and posted a blank post.

Not too cool, huh?

At least now I can clean up the HTML before I hit “publish” — which is nice. Or type directly in HTML. I’ve posted a little photograph here for my non-geeky readers, even if Flock does insist on using the ugly URL when it inserts photos 🙂

PS: Oh, and if Flock decides to eat this post too, I’m going to bite somebody’s head off.

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One thought on “Re-aggravating

  1. Actually, I’m to blame for the ugly url on the image. Flickr doesn’t force everybody to have a pretty url, so without making another call the “for sure” way to make a url for the photo is via the ugly part. There is probably a better way to do it once I get back to making that stuff purty.

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