Flickr Wishlist

Things I’d like to have on Flickr:

– see where visitors are coming from to a photograph. It’s nice to know your photo has been viewed 10000 times, but how come? Was it linked from somewhere? Mentioned in somebody’s comments? On a blog? Give the Flickr account owner the possibility to see referrers.
– in the “batch edit” menu for a tag, allow addition to a set or group. The organizer is painful. I’d rather go through my photos, tag them with a “addtogroupx” tag, and parform a batch operation on that tag without going through the organizer.
– did I ever mention find duplicates? Flickr has all the technical information about my photos, it shouldn’t be hard to say “hey, these photos look like dupes”.

Hope my feedback in a bottle reaches somebody!

Edit: more explanations in my comment.

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