Lausanne Flickr Group

Bagha woke me up early again to go out under the pouring rain. Sometimes I think that cat is going slightly mad.

As I’m in a phase where pulling myself out of bed and stumbling down the stairs to open the front door means I’m pretty much awake by the time I get back in my bedroom, I grabbed the computer and started wandering around.

I was very very pleased to discover there is (has been around for some time?) a Lausanne Flickr group. I suppose that last time I checked, a long, long time ago, it didn’t exist or wasn’t very active. The Lausanne Flickr group has even planned a meetup for December 8 — great, a meetup in Lausanne I’m not involved in preparing!

Talking of meetups, there was no Bloggy Friday this month, but we’ll definitely have fondue in December. Friday 2nd?

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