Busy Bee

I’m a busy bee. Between being a paparazzi for the extension we’re building at my judo school, giving conferences, teaching (!) and all the various things I should be doing too, I’m starting to feel a little swamped. Organisation is required. Limiting new commitments is also required. Defining priorities.

Looking back at some of the old content on my site, I also see it really needs clearing up. But most of all, I need to start going to bed at less ungodly hou…

Leaves and Light (cropped)

One thought on “Busy Bee

  1. Quelle énergie ces temps, tu as mérité un petit repos tout de même.Courage!
    Définir des priorité?? hum hum je lisais cela l’autre jour dans mon agenda, mais je n’y arrive jamais 🙂 Et toi?

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