Trying to use Flock Collections

In Firefox, I have a toolbar with all the links I regularly open. I use “folders” for them. I have a “stats” folder with shortcuts in it to all the stats pages I check. I have a “school” folder with links I use for school. I have a “dev” folder with geeky things in it, and even a “technorati” folder!

Flock doesn’t seem to allow me to make folders in what I’ve called my “Quickbar”, and that’s a shame. Sure, I can make different collections of links and then switch from one to another using the toolbar toggler on the right, but it’s not as intuitive as just having a bunch of folders.

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2 thoughts on “Trying to use Flock Collections

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for your feedback — our collections toolbar UI is going to mature in future releases. We just wanted to get the idea out there and go from there. Even though I’m responsible for the design of Flock, I too lament the loss of a usable folder-like interface in the toolbar and have some ideas on how to improve this in future, while keeping the flat-style collections that we’ve replaced nested folder with.

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